Kimik X was born Windley Bruce in Bedstuy Brooklyn, New York to a Jamaican Father and Bajan Mother. Raised in a house full of music, it was only natural he started singing at a young age and by 15, he was writing his own songs. He was hooked on music and it consumed his life as he studied the styles of from Jay Z to Musiq Sol Child, Naz to Sade and by 17 his father had enrolled him a a Hip Hop History class that changed his life.

One of the projects in the class was for each student to create a song from an original hip hop instrumental that the teacher provided for them. Then after all the songs where done, they would be put together to create an album. Kimik X didn’t hesitate to get a hot beat, then went home, worked on a track and brought it back the next day. The teachers were impressed that someone so young could have such talent and knew that Kimik X had great potential to become someone big.

Windley Bruce become Kimik X. “I was break dancing in school and one of the teams wanted me on their squad,” he remembers. “I needed a tag name but didn’t have one so they all huddled together and came up with Chemical X.  When I stopped dancing and started focusing more on music, I changed the spelling to Kimikal X but realized there was another artist had that name already. I took off the ‘AL’ and left it as Kimik X.

“After the hip hop class I went on to pursue a solo career in music,” recalls Kimik X.  “I made a lot of music, was selling mix tape, shot a few low budget music videos, and just basically tried to build more fans and get signed with the little money I had.”

The mix tapes paid off because the music came to the attention of Kaieteur Records and Kimik X signed a deal in the Summer of 2014.  “Bug Out” is the first release and is currently zooming up the charts and across the airwaves. Meanwhile, Kimik X is in the studio putting the finishing touches on his soon to be released CD.

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