Ernest Jenkins known as “Gchild” has quickly become the newest emerging producer, songwriter & rap artist, By creating a uniquely crafted fusion of Pop, Rap, & R&B genres.  Gchild has rapidly captivated audiences.  Due to his creative musicality, he continues to excite his fans as he progressively establishes his artistic mark in the music industry.  

A native from New York, Gchild mom was murdered when he was 9 years old.  She was stabbed 6 times, and he never met his dad.  Gchild has been recording his own music in his studio since 12 years old. Gchild started off listening to DMX.  Gchild also listens to Gucci Mane. Currently at the age of 26, Gchild has been compared to Future and have always been inspired by 2 Pac.  

Gchild has several upcoming shows locally in New York City, Massachusetts, Clifton Park, Saratosa, Texas & North Carolina.  Gchild goals is to leave the street life, and to become rich & successful.  

Q/A: Are you looking for a deal in the music industry? “If it’s talking right”.

Following his premiere singles: 1. Ok  Alright  2. Rain Dear  3. Woowozars, Gchild is now recording his yet-to-be highly anticipated album.  With his songwriting abilities, Kaieteur Records, and a powerhouse of producer’s, Gchild is destined to achieve a huge and successful career.