Recording Artist CJ

Curtis Bedeau born September 14, 2003 is 12 years old. Born in Brooklyn NY and now resides in Queens NY with his mother and 2 sisters. Curtis has 1 baby sister and 1 older sister making him the middle child.
Those who know and love Curtis call him Cj which stands for Curtis Jr, he is named after his father. Curtis is in the 7th grade and is in Junior High School. He likes to play football , video games rap, dance and most of all create music. Curtis was on a local football team in his community where he grew up, he played the position of defensive end and line backer. Curtis also enjoys dance, as a young child Curtis older sister would take him on 42 street at the age of 4 and he would dance and passer by s would give him money for his outstanding dance performances. He has also been in a couple of dance academies but didn’t feel as though the catered to boys his age group but still continued to dance for he enjoys it.

Curtis plays the keyboard and loves making music tracks and writing songs. Music has always been in his blood. Growing up he was inspired by his father, Curtis, who goes by the name Curttt in his music group. His father Curttt is a member of the legendary group Full force. A popular 80’s group who perform but also wrote and produced for various artist.

Curtis is destined to be a star from his star quality of a personality to his phenomenal dance moves he is sure to come up in the shadows of artist like the younger Chris Brown, usher and lil bow wow. Curtis is loved by so many in his community and friends who know and love him. Curtis who they call CJ goes by the rap name of Young CJ.

Curtis has a great love for old school cars and has a community based group called Them Chevy Kidz jr chapter and is the president of his division. Curtis community based team is under the old school loving car club Them Chevy Boyz auto club and Them Chevy Girlz social club who donates their time to various charity events. Curtis as a member of this group shares the love and passion of custom old school cars and car show events.

Curtis is a big fan of old school rap and R and B. For a young boy he has an old soul for music. He looks up to artist such as the late Easy E along with Ice cube  Dr Dre and Snoop Dog. Curtis is also a fan of the new upcoming female rapper Young Ma. Curtis also enjoys the music of Jay Z and Kanye west. Curtis jokingly states he is going to marry Beyoncé or Nikki Minaj when he makes it big!

As an artist Young CJ created his first song and track with no professional training while visiting His dad in Florida for summer break, that’s very impressive and kind  of makes Young CJ a musical genius!